Stationary Explosion Detector ASV-2

Stationary Explosion Detector ASV-2

Combustible Gas Detector ASV-2 designed to measure pre-explosive concentrations of flammable gases, vapors of flammable liquids and their complex in air and signaling about exceeding set thresholds of the measured value. Application of explosure detector– explosion hazard zones indoor and outdoor installations in different industries.

Analyzed components are hydrocarbons C1 – C18, vapors of organic spirits and thermofors. Exceptions are hydrogen and the components containing in its composition halogens, sulfur, silicon and phosphorus compounds.

Operational principle

Functional principle is thermochemical, based on the measurement of the thermal effect of the combustion of the analyte at the surface of the catalyst. In the construction of the transmitter applies sensor point-trigger type.

Explosion detectors are stationary continuous-action devices with number of the measurements channels from 1 to 10. Sampling method is diffusion.


Explosion detector consists of two units:

  • Secondary indicating instrument (from 1 to 10);
  • Measuring transduser

Transducer is designed for use in explosive areas and outdoor facilities with a level of protection “explosion-proof” for explosive atmospheres category IIB, group T5. Ex mark is lExibdIIBT5 – for use in potentially explosive areas indoor and outdoor installations.

Secondary indicating instrument of detector are designed for use in non-explosive areas and have the marking Ex [Exib] IIB.

Detectors are available in two versions:

  • ASV-2Н – base (version with 10 Secondary indicating instrument made by customer’s request);
  • ASV-2Т – for operating in an extended range of ambient temperatures (with high-temperature PIП).

Detector provides warning light and sound signal about thresholds are exceeded, as well as making the control actions to external actuators at make of the relay contacts.

Combastible Gas Detector ASV-2 has built-in and standalone software.


– Very high accuracy on LEL ( pls see “Technical data” TAB)

– Ability to set up reuired quantity of channels

Portable Explosure Detector ASV-1

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Metrological and Technical Characteristics

Measurement Range From 0 to 50 % LEL
– Methane ASV-2Н ±4 % LEL


±5 % LEL

– in determining the content of flammable gases, vapors of flammable liquids and their totality in the air


±6 % LEL


±8 % LEL

Nominal settling time of the output signal of the detector Т0.9 nom max 15 sec
The limits of permissible deviations from the nominal output settling time ±3 sec
Setting range two alarm thresholds From 5 to 45 % LEL
Detector warm-up time max 4 min
Electric supply AC 220 V -33 + 22 and frequency (50 ± 1) Hz or DC voltage of 24 -6 + 12
Electric power Four-channels max 20 V·A


max 50 V·A

Dimensions (H x W x D) Transducer max 100 x 60 x 95 mm
Secondary indicating instrument  (four-channels) max 132 х 269 x 225 mm
Secondary indicating instrument  (ten-channels) max 132 х 484 x 225 mm
Weight Transducer max 0.4 kg
Secondary indicating instrument (four channels) max 2.7 kg
Secondary indicating instrument (ten channels) max 5.2 kg
Mean time between failures min 10000 h
Full service life during maintenance min 10 years
Terms of Use
Range of ambient temperatures Transducer from -50 to 50 °C
High-temperature transducer from 0 to 150 °C
Secondary indicating instrument  from 0 to 50 °C
Relative moisture content at a temperature 25 °С to 95 %
Range of atmospheric pressure from 84 to 106.7 kPa

Contents of Delivery:

  • Explosion detector ASV-2
  • Transducer (from 1 to 10)
  • Secondary indicating instrument   
  • Manual
  • Verification procedure
  • Setup Instructions
  • Signal cable
  • Nozzle
  • Field cable *
  • Sensor *
  • Key
  • Set of accessories
  • Software CD

* – by customer’s request.

№ 22708-08 in the State Register of measuring instruments RF.

Certificate of type approval of measuring instruments RU.C.31.001.А № 32786 since 12.11.2013.