Portable Explosion Detector ASV-1

Portable Explosion Detector ASV-1

designed to measure pre-explosive  concentrations of flammable gases, vapors of flammable liquids and their complex in air and signaling about exceeding set thresholds of the measured value.

Analyte are hydrocarbons C1 – C18, vapors of organic spirits and thermofors. Exceptions are hydrogen and the components containing in its composition halogens, sulfur, silicon and phosphorus compounds.

Application areas are explosion hazard areas, indoor and outdoor installations in different industries.

Operational principle

Functional principle of ASV-1 is thermochemical, based on the measurement of the thermal effect of the combustion of the analyte at the surface of the catalyst. In the construction of the transmitter applies sensor point-trigger type.

Sampling by diffusion method using an external sampling device supplied also available forcing of analyzable atmosphere.


The explosion detector is configured in a rectangular case made of aluminum alloy, which houses Transducer, controller, alarm devices and power supply. On the front side of the device are arranged liquid crystal display and control keys. The explosure detector provides warning light and sound signal about thresholds are exceeded.

Explosion detector achieved species protection “intrinsically safe” level “ib” according to IEC 60079-10-98 and “explosion-proof” according to IEC 60079-1-98, marking Ex 1ExibdIIBT5 X.

Personnel protection is against contact with live parts or proximity to, and protection against ingress of solids and water in accordance with IES 529-89 IR63.

The detector has built-in software, designed to meet the challenges of measurement pre-explosive concentrations of flammable gases, vapors of flammable liquids and aggregate in the air.


– Very high accuracy on LEL ( pls see “Technical data” TAB)


Stationary Explosion Detector ASV-2

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Technical Characteristics

Measurement Range

from 0 to 50 % LEL


– Methane
– in determining the content of flammable gases, vapors of flammable liquids and their totality in the air

±4 % LEL
±6 % LEL

Limits of permissible variation detector indications

±1 % LEL

Limits of additional absolute measurement error of detector by changes affecting parameters within the operating conditions must be equal, as a fraction of the maximum permissible absolute measurement error:

By temperature


by varying the relative moisture of the environment and the analyzed gas mixture


– By atmospheric pressure


Nominal settling time of the output signal of the detector Т0.9 nom

20 sec

Detector warm-up time

max 2 min

Setting range two alarm thresholds

from 5 to 50 % LEL

Time to alarm

max 15 sec

Electric supply

Built-in power supply (3 batteries type LR6 or 3 AA batteries)

Continuous operation under normal climatic conditions:

– By electric supply type LR6
– By
fully charged batteries

min 30 h
min 15 h

Dimensions (H x W x D)

max 185 х 38 х 59 mm


max 0.38 kg

Mean time between failures

6000 h

Mean life

10 years

Terms of Use

-Range of ambient temperatures

from – 35 to 50 °C

Range of atmospheric pressure

from 84 to 106.7 kPa

Relative moisture content at a temperature 25 °С

to 95 %

Contents of Delivery

  • Explosive Detector Portable ASV-1

  • Charger

  • Carrying bag for detector

  • Batteries AA

  • Manual

  • Verification procedure

  • Pasport

  • Nozzle, enema bottle, silicon tube (length 3.5 m)

  • Sensor (by customer’s request)

Stationary model