Measuring Transducer PI-03

Measuring Transducer PI-03

designed to measure pre-explosive  concentrations of flammable gases, vapors of flammable liquids and their complex in air and signaling about exceeding set thresholds of the measured value.

Analytes are hydrocarbons C1 – C18, vapors of organic spirits and thermofors. Exceptions are hydrogen and the components containing in its composition halogens, sulfur, silicon and phosphorus compounds.

Design and function

Measuring Transducer PI-03 is a stationary single-channel device continuous action, consists of one unit and designed to be placed directly at the point of measurement on the controlled explosive objects. Functional principle of PI-3 is thermochemical, based on the measurement of the thermal effect of the combustion of the analyte at the surface of the catalyst. In the construction of the transmitter applies sensor point-trigger type.



– Continuous automatic control of complex multicomponent explosive gas-air environments by determining the integral(total) explosion(no need for conversion factors for various substances)

– No need for recalibrationof the device at the control sites polluted by different explosive gases.With the release from the production deviceis calibratedf or the five substances(methane, propane, hexane, benzene, trimetilgeptan). Furthermore ,upon request, calibration can be conducted by any other flammable gases and vapors flammable

– Long service life with the possibility of replacing the sensing element.


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Technical Characteristics

Measurement Range

0-50 % LFL


— Methane
— in determining the content of flammable gases, vapors of flammable liquids and their totality in the air

±4 % LFL
±6 % LFL

Nominal settling time of the output signal of the detector Т0.9 nom

max 15 sec

Detector warm-up time

max 4 min

Output analog signal

4-20 mA

Output digital signal

RS 485

Format of exchange protocol


Ex mark

1ЕхibdIIBТ5 Х

Type of explosion protection

“explosion-proof” according with IEC 60079-1-98

Housing protection against penetration of solid impurities and water

IР64 according with IEC 529-89

Electric supply:

— AC
— DC

27 (±3) V
24 (±3) V

Dimensions (H x W x D)

max 54 x 100 x 122 mm


max 850 gm

Terms of Use


from -50 to +50 °C

Relative moisture

to 95 % by 25 °C

Atmospheric pressure

from 84,0 to 106,7 kPa

Content in the analyte components having in its composition halogens, sulfur and silicon-organic compounds

Should not exceed the values permitted for the type of atmosphere I (shareware net) in accordance with IEC 721-2-1:1982 for each component



№ 36987-08 in the State Register of measuring RF.

Certificate of type approval of measuring instruments RU.C.31.001.A № 30880 since 14.04.2008.

RTN resolution РРС 00-28807 since 03.04.2008.